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Happy New Year: drawing fractals in SQL

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In one of my previous New Year's posts we drew snowflakes in PostgreSQL.

The algorithm we used to create the snowflakes is an implementation of an L-system, which is an example of a fractal. There are many more beautiful objects we can see in the winter: frozen trees, frost patterns on windows, cracks on ice etc., all of them being fractals.

Frost patterns

Today we will be constructing escape-time fractals. To build such a fractal, one would need to run a certain function for each point on the plane iteratively and see how many iterations does it take for the function to overflow: the more it takes, the brighter is the point's color.

I won't go deep into fractal theory now, just show that they can be constructed with SQL relatively easily. For instance, Mandelbrot set, one of the best known escape-time fractals, is almost a one-liner in PostgreSQL:

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Written by Quassnoi

December 31st, 2013 at 11:00 pm