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Longest common prefix: Oracle

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Today, the third article of the series on how to strip all strings in a set of their longest common prefix and concatenate the results:

This article will describe how to do it in Oracle.

A quick reminder of the problem (taken from Stack Overflow):

I have some data:

id ref
1 3536757616
1 3536757617
1 3536757618
2 3536757628
2 3536757629
2 3536757630

and want to get the result like this:

id result
1 3536757616/7/8
2 3536757629/28/30

Essentially, the data should be aggregated on id, and the ref's should be concatenated together and separated by a / (slash), but with longest common prefix removed.

As I already wrote earlier, this solution needs two aggregates: first one to calculate the length of the longest common prefix and the second one to concatenate the strings.

Oracle allows creating custom aggregates, but it's usually a pain to implement them. That's why we will use Oracle's MODEL clause to solve this task.
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June 6th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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