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IN list vs. range condition: MySQL

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Answering questions asked on the site.

Princess asks:

Hello, I've got a problem with SQL.

I have a table which contains the production details for the factories. They are not factories and items of course but I cannot disclose the project and need to obfuscate so let's pretend they are :)

I need to select the items for which the first 5 factories have low production rate.

I tried to do the query like this:

SELECT  ProductionItem
FROM    FactoryProductions
WHERE   5 >= FactoryID
AND 100 >= ProductionAmount

which returns correct results but is slow.

I have an index on (FactoryID, ProductionAmount).

There are 13 Factories and 2,300,000 Items

This is in MySQL

This is a nice illustration of how index range evaluation works in MySQL and how to optimize it.

We will assume that the ProductionAmount is usually much higher than 100

Now, let's create a sample table:
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October 7th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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