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From Stack Overflow:

I currently have the following query:

SELECT  group_concat (DISTINCT usrFirst, usrLast) as receiver_name
FROM    …

It outputs my list of names as follows:


, while desired ouput would be:

John Doe, Bill Smith, and Dave Jones

Basically, I need help figuring out three things:

  1. How can I put a space, between the first and last name?
  2. How can insert a space after each comma?
  3. How can I add an and right before the last name displayed?

This kind of output should be really processed on the client (since comma and the and word are very cultire specific).

From MySQL, we just need a recordset of distinct full names.

Let's create a sample table and see how do we do it:

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August 1st, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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